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Blind Rivets

This category lists the most popular types of Blind Rivets that Mesa Fastener, Inc. supplies. If there is something missing from the list that you need, please do not hesitate to call or email us!

Blind rivets are high strength one piece break-stem fastener that require access from one side only. They are available in various materials such as Aluminium alloy, Steel and Stainless Steel in a variety of lengths & diameters. Also they are available in various head forms; Dome Head, Countersunk and Large flange to suite applications where wide load spread or flush surface is required. Blind rivets provide an economical means for fastening metal parts where easy disassembly is not required. Our aluminum, aluminum-steel, stainless steel and steel blind rivets meet IFI Specification 114. Mesa Fastener, Inc. offers a large selection of blind rivets. Already know what kind of blind rivet you need? Call us today to place your order!

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